Re: packaging markup validator v0.7.2

Hi Olivier!

At 08:07 17.05.2006, you wrote:
>Hi Frederic,
>On May 17, 2006, at 2:25, Frederic Schutz wrote:
>>You'll find below an inlined patch with suggested changes for the
>>documentation file source/index.html. Basically, everything is easier
>>now, and I don't need to provide packages on my own server anymore,
>>since they are in Debian already.
>Indeed, much simpler.

I have already commited my current w3c-markup-validator packages for 
SUSE Linux to SUSE's new Build Service
This new Build Service, which currently is in beta state and targeted 
to contributing developers is the source of openSUSE's upcoming public 
accessible repositories. Because currently it is not guaranteed (the 
chance is high, but not guaranteed yet), that the packages, contributed 
to the Build Service surely will find their way into the repositories, 
I can still hope, that my commited validator RPMs will be taken into 
the official repository.
If so, I will no longer need to provide the validator packages from my 
own server.
If there is a change, I will notice you to update e.g. I will send you a diff.


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