Re: Validator and TextMate

On Jul 14, 2006, at 11:11 , Karl Dubost wrote:

> Hi,
> TextMate has a feature to validate the code we are writing. It  
> sends the content of the window with this command.
> curl 2>/dev/null -F uploaded_file=@-\;type=text/html http:// 
> \
> | perl -pe 's|(Line (\d+) column (\d+))|<a href="txmt://open?line= 
> $2&column=@{[$3 + 1]}">$1</a>|'\
> | perl -pe 's|</title>|$&<base href=""/>|'
> Any comments? Or suggestions?

There shouldn't be any problem with this approach, so long as text  
mate only supports utf-8 documents anyway. One cool (but bad) feature  
is how they seem to be doing screen scraping to link the line+column  
information in error messages to the location in the editor. Ideally,  
they'd use the xml output for that...


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