Re: packaging markup validator v0.7.2

Hi Olivier!

At 09:46 20.02.2006, you wrote:
>Hi Frederic, Sierk,
>The latest version of the markup validator has "hit the shelves" 
>today. I will be announcing it within minutes to www-validator, 
>already is running it. It would be nice if we could 
>have SuSE and Debian packages for it, too, could you look into it?

My packages for SUSE Linux is already made and public available on my server.
Unfortunately, I did this already on Friday 17th, believing, that the 
CVS-Snapshot of Friday is the the last one before the release shippes.
There have been made some little changes to the CVS tree over the 
weekend, so I have to make an update to my packages on 
soon. I will do this today evening and will make my updated RPM 
packages public tomorrow morning. OK?

>Feel free to ping me, or the list, if you need anything of find 
>anything wrong with the tarballs.

Where is
and ?

There don't seem to be Tarballs yet. In the meantime, I will take the 
CVS files and make a Tarball from them like I did before. OK?


Sierk Bornemann | Hannover | Germany

Received on Monday, 20 February 2006 09:11:46 UTC