Re: Test Cases and Comparisons Re: Minutes for Teleconference on 30 August, 2006

Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
> 1. The first assumption is that a test case is an atomic test in the 
> context of the test suite. The test case consists of the test 
> description (aka test procedure) and the required files to execute the 
> procedure. So, for each executed test case you need an assertion to 
> express the outcome from the validator:
> <earl:Assertion rdf:ID="assertionX">
>  <earl:testcase 
> rdf:resource="" />
>  ...
> </earl:Assertion>

Stop! Didn't we say, the predicate is called earl:testable and the 
object is an earl:Testable or a subclass thereof (e.g. earl:TestCase or 

So it would be

<earl:Assertion rdf:ID="assertionX">
  rdf:resource="" />

> 2. The second assumption is that there may be a grouping of test cases 
> in the test suite to address requirements. For example, to test that the 
> validator adequately addresses a specific CSS functionality, you may 
> need to execute one or more test cases to determine. For each statement 
> you want to make about such a requirement, you need a different "sort" 
> of assertion:
> <earl:Assertion rdf:ID="assertionY">
>  <earl:requirement 
> rdf:resource="" />
>  ...
> </earl:Assertion>

Same as above.

> Note: We included the optional properties dc:title, dc:description, 
> dc:hasPart, and dc:isPartOf in the earl:testable statement 
> (super-)class. This provides a very rudementary method to describe tests 
> until an appropriate test description language is available. Here is an 
> example of using this:
> <earl:testcase rdf:about="">

<earl:TestCase ...>

>  <dc:title xml:lang="en">Test Case X</dc:title>
>  <dc:description>take file A and run it with parameters o,p, and 
> q</dc:description>
>  <dc:isPartOf rdf:resource="" />
> </earl:testcase>

</earl:TestCase ...>

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