[ucn] qa-dev demo instance is operational

Hello Damien,

I fixed the output for the appendix-c observer today, and redeployed  
the war (BTW, find me on IRC if you ever need the password to the  
tomcat manager interface). Things seem to work much better,  

I seem to have found a little bug, apparently unicorn knows it has to  
pass the parameter output=ucn to the markup validator, but "forget"s  
to do so, and gets very confused with the HTML output. I looked at  
the all.log (GREAT! congratulations on making the log files much more  
useful now) and the interesting part is:

2006/08/31 15:10:56 DEBUG (UnicornCall.java:226) Framework :  
Request : url:http://qa-dev.w3.org/wmvs/HEAD/check param:url=http%3A% 
2006/08/31 15:10:56 TRACE (URIRequest.java:65) request : doRequest
2006/08/31 15:10:56 DEBUG (URIRequest.java:70) request : url=http%3A% 
2006/08/31 15:10:56 DEBUG (URIRequest.java:73) request : URL : http:// 
2006/08/31 15:11:00 ERROR (UnicornCall.java:234) Framework : JAXB  
Exception : unexpected element (uri:"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml",  

Ah, I found it, the line in the xml config file was commented out.  
Any particular reason why? At least it seems to work if I uncomment it:

This is really starting to look great, thanks to your work, Damien  
and Jean-Gui. Bravo.

I'll be looking at how we can make the results page look a little  
cleaner, but in the meantime we can start a public demo in the days  
to come.


Received on Thursday, 31 August 2006 06:49:11 UTC