Re: [css] documentation for autotest

On Aug 29, 2006, at 23:26 , Jean-Guilhem Rouel wrote:
> It's simple because it was the first time I was using the xml parsing
> API (I don't remember it's name). I used this parser because I didn't
> want to create an xml schema to use tools like JAXB even if the code
> would be much simpler after that.

You mean SAX? I was a little surprised how little your code used it  
to extract content from the soap output and build the test results.  
But as I said, it works well already.

> As far as I remember, I wanted to do the same thing for the markup
> validator, but it was not easy because there wasn't a direct input
> method for the markup validator

It was hidden for a while, indeed. But in any case, almost all our  
test cases are online so we can use the uri method.

> A better thing would be to use unicorn to be sure that the behavior  
> is the
> same whatever the input method :)

Yes, I think at some point not too far in the future we should be  
looking at merging these two formats, lest we have to maintain two  
very similar formats in the future.


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