Re: [ucn] adding an observer (and somehow failing so far)

On Aug 17, 2006, at 17:45 , Damien LEROY wrote:
> - We don't handle empty line in "resources/observers.list" so the
> framework find about contract "/observer.wadl" and "/observer.rdf", i
> fixed it and forward Olivier new framework code.

Great, thanks! I just removed the extra line for now.

> - In file "resources/tasklist/tasklist.xml" the tag of the task "appc"
> is closed by a "</.task>" (typing error ;) ) this throw an exception
> and stop parsing of the tasklist file so the drop-down menu is empty.

Ah, good catch. I fixed it and restarted the build, but still, no luck.

1) where is the exception thrown? (there seems to be something in  
webapps/unicorn/WEB-INF/logs/package/all.log but there does not seem  
to be any helpful error)

2) can we get a log file only for errors, for things that the  
framework maintainer needs to fix?

3) is it possible to check the various configuration files for (at  
least) xml-wellformedness at build time? No big deal if it's not  
possible, but it would certainly be helpful if the errors were shown  
by `ant war` rather than hidden deep in the tomcat directory structure.


Received on Friday, 18 August 2006 05:13:35 UTC