appendix C checker, revisited


Following up on the thread started with Bjoern and Jean-Gui a while  
ago, I made a few additions and changes to the prototype "appC  
checker" Bjoern had been working on.

code at:
demo at:

It's certainly not the most efficient piece of code ever, but it:
- only checks documents with a text/html content type, and XHTML 1.0  
(something which was missing in Bjoern's prototype, and which  
bothered me, so that was my first change)
- checks all the points of the appendix C
- has a ucn output (hopefully fixed now)

I'd like to add this tool to the unicorn demo, adding two tasks:
- XHTML 1.0 appendix C checking
- Conformance (Validation task + appC (+ a number of plugins yet to  
be built))
Damien, maybe it's a good time to give me the latest code for  
unicorn, so that I can install it again on qa-dev, and then add the  

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