validator modularization (aka unicorn) and micro-observers framework

Hi all,

I'd like to link two related works for which, oh how convenient, the  
authors are all on this mailing-list.

Damien and Jean-Guilhem, whom I think I introduced briefly already,  
will be working, in the months to come, on a project of  
"microvalidators framework" - as it was first named, but which would  
probably be better named as a "micro-observers" framework.

The idea (if I understood it correctly) of this framework would be to  
create a system where several modules would give observations on a  
given source, using soap messaging to communicate. There would  
certainly be some orchestration of the observation requests/replies  
by a central module, but one could imagine that the modules could  
pass their observations to one another.

There are some obvious ties between this project and technologies  
such as EARL, and there are similarities with the "uniCORN" document  
drafted in the context of the modularization of the markup validator,  
by Terje and Bjoern.
Although that document has been written with perl and markup  
validation in mind, it does lay the bases for an observation  
vocabulary that Jean-Gui and Damien will very likely end up  


Damien, Jean-Gui, please give the document linked above a look, if  
you have not done so yet. Your task, I expect, will not just be to  
take the ideas in the document and run away with them to implement  
them in another context, but probably to "prove" them, and in the  
process find some aspects that are missing, or incorrect. What do you  
think you will need to get started?

Bjoern, Terje, would you be interested in participating in the  
framework project? Or provide assistance to it? At least, I suppose  
your help in explaining some finer details of the uniCORN proposal to  
Jean-Guilhem and Damien would be welcome.

Thank you!

Received on Monday, 24 April 2006 10:10:37 UTC