Re: [wmvs] Requirements for "Valid" Badges

Terje, Janet, all.

On April 13 Janet Daly (Comm team, former Team lead) sent an answer to 
Terje's message. Since this list is closed to posting, the message did 
not go through, and unfortunately, for some reason I have not received, 
or have lost, the message for moderation. My sincere apologies... I 
don't know what went wrong, but I am sorry this caused an extra delay.

Today Janet mentioned that she had not heard from qa-dev, and we found 
out about this moderation issue. I am now forwarding the message Janet 
forwarded to me.

Hope we can smoothly follow-up from now on.

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Re: [wmvs] Requirements for "Valid" Badges
> Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:01:38 -0700
> From: Janet Daly
> Organization: W3C
> To:
> Hello, Terje.
> I've been directed to your requested requirements on the suite of
> validation badges, as I'll be working directly with the designer.
> Your complaints of delays are valid, and I am responsible for those
> delays in response, as the former Comm Team Lead. Please accept my
> apologies.
> I hope that, in addition to the graphics materials, we will finally 
> have
> policies in place for the badges that preceded my arrival in 1999, as
> well as the "newer" items - to some people (like myself), the lack of
> usage policy for these badges was an even larger problem. Perhaps we'll
> have them both solved in a short time.
> In your post:
> You wrote:
> 4. The fonts used must be embeddable — including optimization for
>    download time by removing unused glyphs from badge files — and not
>    encumbered by any “Intelectual Property” restrictions (since they
>    will be part of the Validator source code and published under an OSS
>    License) beyond the normal Logo and Trademark guidelines.
> What does this mean? Do you mean that you would like us to use only
> OpenSource fonts in our communications materials? I don't know if I can
> promise that; I only want to be clear on your request.
> I would appreciate a direct reply in addition to a CC on the list, as I
> do not subscribe to public-qa-dev.
> Best regards,
> Janet
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