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Hi all,

The tools our group is developing or maintaining are immensely  
popular, yet we have been for a while, and remain, a very small  
group. And even though, fortunately, we discuss issues for each tool  
together, the development itself is often done by only one person at  
a time. Ville has been at the helm of checklink for a while, Terje  
for a long time was pretty much the only one working on the markup  
validator, and progress on the CSS validator often depends on whether  
Yves has time to spare.

We have already started working on ways to work better with WGs, and  
I think this is a good lead. Working groups are busy writing specs  
and managing tons of issues, and even though they acknowledge that  
some of the tools we take care of are very important for them, they  
seldom dedicate any resource to them, or make a lot of effort to work  
with us (notable exception being Björn).

On another side of the equation, I wonder why we don't have more  
participants helping with the development. On the user/support side,  
I think www-validator is a real success, lots of good people acting  
as experts, watchdogs, or providing patient help to the lost users...  
It's a lot of time and not a grateful commitment, yet it works. How  
could we do the same for the code? Change of infrastructure? Methods?

I know that many of you are involved in other open source projects,  
what made you choose them rather than others? Are there tools or  
ideas there (I'm thinking sourceforge, but not only) that we could,  
should have here? If you had one thing to change in the way the qa- 
dev group is working, what would it be?

The latter question is not purely rethorical... There may be  
"administrative" changes coming soon to QA, that can be used as a  
good time to make changes in how we deal with the projects.

Looking forwards to your thoughts.

Received on Thursday, 23 June 2005 03:07:24 UTC