Access Keys (Was: [meeting] notes and log for 2005-02-01)

On Feb 2, 2005, at 17:59, Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux wrote:
> People have developed a semi-standard (lowercase s) set of numerical 
> accesskeys -
> since they have the advantage not to compete with the browser keys.

> It's probably a good idea to check with the WAI folks if this a good
> compromise, and adapt it to the Validators content.

Wendy very nicely gave me further advice on the topic, and a few more 
resources to look at:
She also said that whatever we choose, publishing them is an excellent 
thing to do.

My temporary conclusion would be something along the lines of:
- use mostly numbers (0-4 seems to be mostly unused)
- don't use too many
- publish whatever we use

The current access keys for the markup validator are adapted to the 
former context of having a long menu before the actual content. If we 
update them, I suggest we could use a smaller set (thus "stealing" 
fewer keys) and make a set that can more easily be used consistently 
across the site/tools.

I would thus suggest to get rid of most current access keys, and 
instead map only a few to:
- Skip navigation
- accesskeys
- home
- documentation index
- feedback

(which just so happen to mostly be the items in our top menu)

Your thoughts?

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