Re: [meeting] notes from 2004-09-28

Terje, thanks for your thoughts.

On Sep 29, 2004, at 17:23, Terje Bless wrote:
>> * Usage of Bugzilla
>> Our usage of bugzilla is rather particular, []
> Suggested improvements?
> ... Perhaps www-validator-cvs should be the default owner and Olivier 
> the QA Contact?

That would preclude us from assigning an issue to a particular person 
once someone has shown some interest for it. That does not work. 
Default ownership is not broken per se, and we can improve it by 
setting up more components if needed (esp. in a modular model). What 
needs to happen is, perhaps, more communication between the default 
owner and the group before anything is actually assigned?

>> Also a reminder that no issue is "obvious" enough to not be included 
>> in
>> bugzilla.
> [ This bears repeating! :-) ]

Especially when I can't even re-parse myself less than a week later.

> * A few notes from the IRC log:
>> <yod> news on the icons front: the badge batch (+svg versions) is now
>>      under review by comm
>> <yod> they had some comments on the fonts, but globally I think we
>>      could expect a resolution of that soon
> Make sure they use fonts which can be embedded in the SVG.

They do. The current working draft icons have the whole font embedded, 
which makes them a bit big.
Stripping out the ones that are not needed, either roughly [A-Za-z1-9] 
or by scripting.

>> <bjoern_> regarding the icons, I dislike that the new generation
>>          process would change the actual icons (flat buttons vs
>>          the old 3d-style...)

Ack'd, although I honestly considered the flat buttons an improvement, 
I realize that changing anything in this regard is risking a 
discussion-to-death. Fair enough.


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