[meeting] notes and log 2004-06-08

Here is a summary of the discussion during yesterday's IRC meeting.
Also attaching a (trimmed) log.

* Action Item Review
  (need to sort out issues about privacy policy versus cookies)
* Press corner
  our tools mentioned recently in computer & mainstream press
* CSS Validator
  - BUGS.html and TODO.html will be modified to link to bugzilla
  - broken (line ending) entries in repository - need to fix
* Log Validator
  - released soon with CSS validator module
* Link Checker
  - removing #skip
  - preparing beta for 2004-06-09
* Markup Validator
  - shocking validation result : trying to get a grasp on our lost irony
  - document without encoding info: Martin reportedly saying it's best 
we can do
  - feedback/help: discussion should proceed on list

[will update wiki with new/updated action items]

Received on Tuesday, 8 June 2004 21:31:44 UTC