specific list / feedback mails / timeframe issue

Based on some (strong) suggestion from Bjoern (IIRC), I "sampled" a few 
people, all active w-v participants, whether creating a list to discuss 
and provide help on validation problems would be a good idea. The 
current w-v charter does not include such messages, but the come in 
anyway, especially since the "send feedback" links were added to the 
prod version.

The reasons were varied, but everyone I consulted was in favor to the 
creation of such a list.
While not convinced at first, I now agree to give it a go... And unless 
someone objects, I plan to create it on monday.

Another (related) issue is the "send feedback" links and the swarm of 
calls for help that they allowed to come through to w-v. I think having 
these links on :8001 was a great success, not quite sure about :80. I 
can agree there *is* some interesting feedback - and not only suggested 
messages but more of a study of the psychology of the validator's users 
- in these messages, but the s/n ratio is qutie terrible. Terje has 
asked for some patience, which *I* can do, but apparently patiences are 
getting a bit thin.

Potential short term solutions:
  - add a well-placed display:none in the CSS
  - comment out the code
  - change address. I'm sure it could be less of a waste of time if I 
were receiving and dispatching these, even if not in "real time".

We could discuss long term solutions at our meeting on tuesday - we 
should have had enough input on w-v by then.

Note also that if we decide to do anything "heavy" in the days to come 
I will not be able to do it, as I will be away from keyboards for 10 
days starting next thursday. The rest of the QA Team should be around, 


Received on Friday, 4 June 2004 04:25:15 UTC