link checker and IRIs

I'm planning to work a bit on the link checker in the next few days,
to make it comply with the IRI spec.

I have a very simple test at
If successful, you will see a green image with OKAY text and smilies.

The link checker, at: 
claims that there is a broken link (which there shouldn't be).

What I'm planning to do is to convert downloaded pages in the link checker
to UTF-8 (assuming I can find out what the encoding is). This will be
very similar to the validator. The difference is that the link checker
will only complain about missing 'charset' information if that information
is actually relevant for linkchecking (i.e. in particular if there are
links containing non-ASCII characters).

Any comments?

Regards,     Martin.

Received on Thursday, 26 August 2004 09:22:38 UTC