scheduling next meeting

Hi all,

Given that neither Ville, nor Yves could join today's meeting (and Nick 
could only make it late), we decided to cancel it.

I am now trying to find a good slot for our next meeting.

July-August is generally a slow month, and if we can't have a meeting 
during a few weeks' span, it's not a very big deal... The point of 
these meetings, after all, is to be able to all discuss some issues 
together, otherwise it's not very different from other list or IRC 
discussions, and we can still have those.

I would thus like to know your availability for a meeting same day and 
time and venue as usual, in one, two and three weeks from today:
[ ] can make it august 10
[ ] can make it august 17
[ ] can make it august 24
[ ] actually, could we change the day of the week?


Received on Tuesday, 3 August 2004 13:11:03 UTC