Re: [checklink] very long checking times - any idea?

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 19:46, Olivier Thereaux wrote:

> I just got reports of "sluggishness" for checklink. I checked, and it 
> seems indeed like checklink takes > 5 seconds to HEAD each resource.
> Ville, do you have any idea what could cause this, or any experience of 
> similar trouble?

At least there are some DNS problems on v.w.o.  The primary nameserver
(ie the first one in /etc/resolv.conf) doesn't answer at all, others
seem to be fine.  The effect can be witnessed eg. by running the
following several times and comparing the results:

   time HEAD -d
   time HEAD -d

A 5 second DNS timeout somewhere?  I was about to suggest running nscd
on v.w.o but it seems to be running named anyway...

There are some problems with checklink that prevent HTTP Keep-Alive
working too well, the LWP::UserAgent instances aren't always reused. 
That may cause the delay even between requests to the same hostname
during a single checklink run.

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