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Re: [check] small notes on style/layout

From: Terje Bless <link@pobox.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:33:15 +0200
To: Olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>
cc: public-qa-dev@w3.org
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Olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org> wrote:

>- after some discussion on the w-v-css list, it seems nobody awfully
>disliked the "new" validator style, and so it seems like the css
>validator's homepage will be using the same style and layout as the
>validator, which I believe is a very nice step towards a good usability
>of our services. (Hi! Philippe, Sijtsche!)

Yay! :-)

/me notices he's been unsubscribed from the -css list, again... Y'all need to
get less finicky mailinglist software! :-(

>- One comment we're very likeky to have is that (even in non-verbose
>mode maybe, but even more then) the "this page is not valid FOO" block
>is too low. At my resolution I have to scroll down one to two pages. I
>believe it was higher before, was there a specific reason to move it
>below the warning boxes?

Yes. HTH, HAND. :-)

( I can't recall what it was. Go ahead and move it where you think it makes
sense, and we'll do any cleanup as necessary. )

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