Re: checklink credits

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 03:51, Olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Hi Ville, all,
> Do you have a list of significant contributors for checklink?

At least Frédéric Schutz meets my personal definition of recent,
significant contributor :)

> I noticed that your name is not credited in the documentation page (nor
> in the footer) and unless you prefer it that way, I'd like to add proper
> credits for you and the other "others" mentioned in the checklink
> footer.

Fine with me, but I'd appreciate not including my email address anywhere
online, as feedback and bug reports are better sent to the validator
list, and I receive enough spam already...

BTW, the CVS version of checklink contains an embedded manual page which
has a AUTHOR section, currently mentioning Hugo, Renaud, me, Frédéric
and "many other volunteers".

> Also, since the development of checklink and check are not necessarily
> going at the same pace, if you think we should (at least) put the latest
> version on :80 just ping the list (or me).

I would appreciate that, as well as (of course) striving to get $TNV of
validator out as soon as possible.

Reading the diffs between the current "production" version and the
latest checklink in validator-0_6_0-branch tells me that the upgrade
would require taking care of checklink.conf, by default in
/etc/w3c/checklink.conf.  It's not strictly mandatory as checklink will
run without the config file using default settings (== disallow checking
private IP addresses, send authentication info only to the host which
requested it).

But the current production version uses as the "trusted" domain.

If you wish to preserve that, I'd suggest configuring 2 instances of
checklink, one without a config file for public use, and another for W3C
internal use, using a config file containing "Trusted = \.w3\.org$". 
See the default config in htdocs/config/checklink.conf.

Testing in :8001 first could be a good idea :)

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