CatalogueManager: maintaining and distributing up-to-date SGML and XML Catalogues

We've discussed this a couple of times with reference to the
ever-changing MathML DTDs.  I've now implemented a working
proof-of-concept for a distributed master catalogue that anyone
can reference to synchronise their local installation.

It's at
(the HTML page is a placeholder I hacked together in 5 minutes)

The program uses OpenSP to read a master definition file (SGML),
which defines a simple doctype and includes entities containing
definitions for different document types (currently HTML, XHTML,
Docbook, MathML, SVG, SMIL, WAP).  The user can run the program
to sync with the "master" catalogue
( ) installing/updating
everything it defines, or can hack local versions to customise it.

This clearly fits in with the Validator as well as with Valet,
and I'd be happy to see it become a W3C project.  Any interest?

Nick Kew

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Received on Friday, 29 August 2003 19:53:48 UTC