Maintaining sgml-lib

This subject came up today on ciwah.  Since I agree with the
original questioner and have myself been through his frustration
in the past, I'll raise it here.

Validator, in common with various external projects, attempts to
maintain an up-to-date library of DTDs, modules and schemas @w3.
Of course, given the multitude of WGs producing them and the
fact that some of them take no notice of validator, this can
be challenging.  It is doubly so from outside W3C, as you
effectively have to spider the modules[1].

If we were to run a CVS server for [sg|x]ml-lib on qa-dev, I wonder
if it would be possible for someone to crack a whip amongst the WGs
to ask them to contribute their work - at least when anything goes
public - so we can maintain a decent repository without having to
jump through hoops ourselves.

[1] Hmmm - I wonder if I should hack up a DTD spider for exactly
    that purpose?

Nick Kew

Received on Tuesday, 29 October 2002 21:19:19 UTC