Re: [check] announcement, amended

Olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

>I'm not a fan of legalese verbiage, but I think the following would be
>more appropriate for an official announcement:

Spoilsport! :-)

>Terje, can I ask you to take care of the people/lists you know

Yup; as I mentioned, the ones in the last group I intend to notify
personally. I just mentioned them "FYI" so y'all know where the
announcement goes.

>I can post to newsgroups, but will have to set up a news
>client first (as I said, been a while...).

I'm going to assume Nick will pick up on the announcement when you send it
to w-v and send it (adapted if/as necessary) to ciwah and whatever other
newsgroups seems appropriate. Perhaps the uk.* web groups?

Hmmm. How about the HWG? Since Gerald volunteers(-ed?) as a listadmin+ over
there, he could perhaps suggest and/or post to whatever lists are
appropriate there?

>Now may or may not be an appropriate moment for that, but I sincerely
>thank everyone for their work, making this long-awaited move

Not the least of which is the excellent support you have provided. Many
thanks Olivier!

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 straight outta Compton and y'all better make way?"            -- eminem

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