Re: [check] Tag names always lower case

Martin Duerst <> wrote:

>Terje told me to be careful with fixing spelling errors. Some tags still
>appear as upper case in error messages, e.g. the H1 and H6 in:
>Below is an outline for this document, automatically generated from the
>heading tags (<code>&lt;H1&gt;</code> through <code>&lt;H6&gt;</code>.)
>Because of XHTML, I think all tag names should be lower case. Anybody

Nope, not at all. :-)

My comments about spelling changes was related to capitalization of terms.
e.g. I tend to capitalize "Validate" and "Validator" to stress the fact
that these are terms with special meaning outside of their normal English
meaning. I'm ready to be convinced this is a Bloody Stupid[tm] thing to do,
but I'd prefer if y'all didn't define them as simple typos and "fix" them
willy-nilly. Convince me it's stupid (so I stop putting them in) and lets
fix _all_ of them in one go if we're to change them at all. Consistency and
all that... :-)

Received on Friday, 11 October 2002 15:35:57 UTC