Re: Type of errors

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Karl Dubost wrote:

> In the process of being more educative and not making people afraid, 
> I said it in the past, but I don't remember if Terje thought it would 
> be difficult to implement :)

That wouldn't be too hard.  It's a pretty standard Perl technique.

> For example if the tag ALT has been forgotten in the page 43 times, 
> it means that the same error come again and again :)
> So it could be modified in that way:
> Errors: 80 (3 types of errors)
> or
> Errors: 80 (43 for ALT, 34 for TYPE, 3 no attributes "HEIGHT")

The first of those is straightforward, though I'd prefer something
like "80 instances of 3 errors".  The second would require us to devise
some appropriate abbreviation for every each error message, and is
likely to lead to (at best) confusing reports, so I wouldn't recommend
trying it.

Nick Kew

Received on Sunday, 29 December 2002 15:07:14 UTC