Roundtable with other standards bodies on DEI

Hi all,

Perhaps for our next agenda, but there's been a suggestion that W3C's 
PWE send a representative to a closed roundtable on best practices in 
DEI in tech standards bodies.

The Inclusive Naming Initiative [0] has a workstream on standards 
bodies. After some initial research on what various standards bodies are 
doing with respect to DEI, there's been a suggestion to bring together 
representatives from each of the SDOs that responded to the survey for 
an off-the-record conversation about DEI initiatives later this year.

I think someone from the PWE group would be best placed to attend that. 
I'm active in the INI, the INI standards workstream, and on this list, 
but I am not very active (yet) here.

Suggestions welcome. Happy to answer any questions at this stage,



Mallory Knodel
CTO, Center for Democracy and Technology
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Received on Friday, 24 September 2021 15:59:37 UTC