PWE agenda for Tuesday 27 July 2021

Hello PWE,

We'll meet at 2PM UTC on Tuesday 27 July 2021. Details including Zoom 
information can be found here:


1. TPAC Inclusion Fund update
2. W3C Participants survey update
3. Pull request reviews:

PR #165 Change the label:

PR #166 Chaals patch rrs3:

PR #69 Added resources to race and feminism sections:

PR #172 Explicity link to the Geek Feminism wiki and RationalWiki:

PR #179 INCITS inclusive terminology:

PR #180 Response to feedback from PWE meeting:

PR #181 Update link to current disciplinary guidelines:

PR #182 Add mediation:

PR #183 Verbal informal:

PR #184 Added personal attacks to unacceptable:

Director @TetraLogical

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