RE: idpf epub validator seems down is not so reliable. To sustain it, the code needs refactoring, it is outdated code.

After combination of W3C and IDPF, it was hosted by DAISY Consortium. It is not a reliable service, we had several discussions on improving it in EPUBCheck management meetings as well on Publishing Steering Committee meeting. If we want to sustain it, we need investment on it.

We also explored other open source options like Pagina for replacing it. But Pagina has major issues with screen readers. I filed this issue in their issue tracker, lets hope that it is addressed in coming months.



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I have contacted our system people.



On 12 Feb 2022, at 17:51, Xu Zheng (gardenia) < <> > wrote:


Looks like is down (don't know from when).


I was reading through this doc today

when I was going through Step 9 "Run the EPUB through the online  <> EPUB Validator or the  <> EPUBCheck command-line tool to ensure you didn’t make any silly mistakes. Fix if you did."

I tried to open the EPUB Validator but seems could not open anymore (or maybe taking too long).



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