RE: PCG Education Task Force meeting 12/14/2022

Regrets. Personal appointment

Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Principal

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Subject: PCG Education Task Force meeting 12/14/2022

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Please see agenda and access links to Wednesday's meeting:

• Walk through Stakeholder(s) Interview Miro board with Susan Neuhaus<;!!N11eV2iwtfs!utGclO-Q6NopIJ1Orttc-EQW_b7KWypx3nxhjg5wvpsHbc4JmeUsA3FKOzlslh9nHnbPtI6doJm4QcGw$>
• Identify recurring patterns / consensus items
• Confirm which concept(s) should be developed into Use Case(s)
If you don't have a Miro account you can sign up for free, which will allow you to engage actively on the board vs. view-only access.
Zoom Link:<;!!N11eV2iwtfs!utGclO-Q6NopIJ1Orttc-EQW_b7KWypx3nxhjg5wvpsHbc4JmeUsA3FKOzlslh9nHnbPtI6doMsz5M6G$>

IRC channel: #pcg-ed<;!!N11eV2iwtfs!utGclO-Q6NopIJ1Orttc-EQW_b7KWypx3nxhjg5wvpsHbc4JmeUsA3FKOzlslh9nHnbPtI6doOdWkv2W$>

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