RE: [A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Apr 28, at 14 UTC


Per the size of the MARC21 bibliographic record, the record length is defined in the Leader<> position 00-04, 5 characters, and the maximum length of a record is 99999 octets. The length of the field is defined in the Directory<> position 03-06, 4 characters, thus a field may contain a maximum of 9999 octets. In general, it should be enough to record the data.

MARC21 bibliographic records can be expressed in either MARC-8 character repertoire, or Unicode. LC maintains the mapping document<> between MARC-8 to Unicode. More libraries have adopted Unicode, and many library systems provide the option to accept and output records in MARC-8 and/or Unicode. For languages with diacritics, there could be system preference on whether to accept and/or convert the inputted pre-composed diacritics to decomposed diacritics (i.e., convert é, U+00E9, to é, U+0301).

For languages in multiple scripts<>, MARC21 offered two options:
Model A: Vernacular and transliteration: transcribe the script as found on the publication, and provide the corresponding transliteration data
Model B: Simple multiscript records: either transcribe the script only, or provide the transliteration data only

But again, library systems may choose to prefer either Model A or Model B.

Hong Cui

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From: Avneesh Singh <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 1:04 AM
Subject: [A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Apr 28, at 14 UTC

Dear all,

The conference call for accessibility task force of Publishing CG is scheduled at the following time.
Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 14:00 UTC.
Local time:

The initial agenda is as follows, it can be expanded further.

1. Progress update on document for guiding, how to write good accessibility summary.

Please use label "a11ysummary" for the related issues in the issue tracker.

2. Update on extending crosswalk of accessibility metadata and ONIX to MARC.
The leads have started work on Google docs:

Relevant issue is:

The crosswalk in GitHub is at (finalized crosswalk from Google docs will be transferred to this location):

Please use label "marc" for the related issues in the issue tracker.

3. Any other business.

The details of Zoom Conference Line are in the attached calendar invite.
IRC channel: #pcg-a11y
port: 6665 or 6667

With regards
Avneesh Singh

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