Re: [External Coordination] Invitation to join the PBG External Coordination Task Force

Dear Bill,

I’ll be pleased to participate and I confirm I am the contact point of AIE. I also have very good and strong relationship with FEP (Federation of European Publishers) and IPA (International Publishers Association).




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Dear PBG member--


BISG, the Book Industry Study Group, continues to be a valuable partner to the W3C in providing insights relevant to the work within the Publishing@W3C activity, collaborating with those activities when appropriate, and being supportive of its results.


However, BISG is (1) specifically a U.S. supply chain organization, and (2) focuses only on books.


The mission of the External Coordination Task Force is to coordinate with other such geographically focused, sector-specific, or publishing industry organizations that are directly related to our work, in order to keep them informed about Publishing@W3C activity and to provide a vehicle for them to provide input to the work.


Examples of geographically focused organizations that could be included are BookNet Canada, Book Industry Communications (BIC) in the UK, Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE) in Italy,Taiwan’s TDPF (Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum), and similar organizations in France, Germany, Korea, China, and many other countries.


Japan has quite a few organizations which could be relevant, such as  APL (Advanced Publishing Lab), EBPAJ (The Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan), DCA (Digital Comic Association), AEBS (Association for E-publishing Business Solution), JPO (Japan Publishing Organization for Information Infrastructure Development) and JBPA (Japan Book Publishers Association). Also, we have a connection to Taiwan’s TDPF (Taiwan Digital Publishing Forum), all of which my co-chairs Daihei and Yoshii-san could coordinate with.


Examples of publishing industry or sector-specific organizations include EDItEUR; Idealliance (magazines); the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP); the Association of University Presses (AUP, formerly AAUP); the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), the news and media industry technology standards organization;and perhaps library organizations such as the ALA or OCLC. And of course EDRLab is already involved.


Obviously, there is a perhaps overwhelming number of potential organizations that might be relevant. Deciding which organizations should be our top priorities for involvement and determining the means of communicating with these organizations will be the first order of business for the External Communications Task Force. Note that it's possible that we will decide on two types of relationships: those with which we maintain a relatively active relationship and others which we may simply keep informed periodically, always of course encouraging their input.


Please contact me if you are willing to serve on the External Coordination Task Force. And if you are willing to be the point person for one of the organizations mentioned above, or another organization you can recommend, please let me know.


Because of the geographical distribution of our likely members (not to mention the three co-chairs) I suspect most of our work will be done by email and Google Docs with periodic but infrequent conference calls.


--Bill Kasdorf, Co-Chair, for Junichi Yoshi and Daihei Shiohama


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