Oct 24 Agenda

Publishing Business Group,

We will be meeting tomorrow, at noon eastern.

1. Discussion of TPAC meetings, and any questions (Bill M)
2. Discussion of PBG potential tasks.  Members of the steering committee will discuss the solicited items, and any new items members wish to bring up, for task forces within the PBG.  The goal is to establish task forces of involved members to work on specific items, and have a monthly PBG meeting to update status to the rest of the group.  The document is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jpw0KA9StAnWZAaIMqnITmdSOchIZeQIvphX5AmAulg/edit?usp=sharing

The meeting will be held via webex (access code 313 391 111), and IRC (channel #pbg).

If you do not know the password, or need the direct URL, please contact Ivan, Bill M, or myself over IRC, or email.  These CANNOT be shared in any public forum (including email groups, or calendar invites).


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