Re: PROPOSAL: scope of Web Publications spec should be minimized

Fully agree that any sort of domain or naming based ordering is a bad idea,
and would limit the use cases for WP (for instance, we wouldn't be able to
create a WP across domains).

But I would certainly not see it as required - again for the special case
> of a publication with a single top-level resource in its spine, I believe
> we must handle that without requiring anything more than an index.html. But
> in the more general case where the top-level resources are logically peers,
> then we need something else.

A JSON-LD based manifest would work nicely no matter whether we have a
single HTML resource or hundreds:

   - for the single HTML resource use case, the JSON-LD based manifest can
   be included in a script element on the page. If metadata are expressed
   using, this gives us immediate support from existing search
   engine crawlers. This is also how metadata are handled in AMP.
   - when a publication is truly a collection of many HTML resources, the
   manifest can be discovered using a link (either in the HTTP or HTML
   headers) with the proper rel ("manifest") and media type (undefined at this

Received on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 16:29:45 UTC