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RE: [External Coordination] Time to promote epubcheck fundraising to our contacts!

From: Siegman, Tzviya <tsiegman@wiley.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 13:29:27 +0000
To: Daihei Shiohama <shiohama@mediado.jp>, Bill Kasdorf <kasdorf.bill@gmail.com>
CC: Graham Bell <graham@editeur.org>, Luc Audrain <laudrain@hachette-livre.fr>, Noah Genner <ngenner@booknetcanada.ca>, 吉井順一 <j-yoshii@kodansha.co.jp>, Cristina Mussinelli <c.mussinelli@360publishing.it>, Juli Calderazi <jcalderazi@gmail.com>, Bill McCoy <whmccoy@gmail.com>, Bill McCoy <bmccoy@w3.org>, Jens Klingelhöfer <jens.klingelhoefer@bookwire.de>, Liisa' <lmccloy-kelley@penguinrandomhouse.com>, Rick Johnson <rick.johnson@ingramcontent.com>, "PBG Steering Committee (Public) (public-publishing-sc@w3.org)" <public-publishing-sc@w3.org>
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Hi Daihei,

I have copied the publishing steering committee list so that this is an archived email.

My answers are inline below. Thank you for your help.


Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Lead

From: Daihei Shiohama [mailto:shiohama@mediado.jp]
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 1:50 AM
To: Bill Kasdorf <kasdorf.bill@gmail.com>
Cc: Graham Bell <graham@editeur.org>; Luc Audrain <laudrain@hachette-livre.fr>; Noah Genner <ngenner@booknetcanada.ca>; 吉井順一 <j-yoshii@kodansha.co.jp>; Cristina Mussinelli <c.mussinelli@360publishing.it>; Juli Calderazi <jcalderazi@gmail.com>; Bill McCoy <whmccoy@gmail.com>; Bill McCoy <bmccoy@w3.org>; Jens Klingelhöfer <jens.klingelhoefer@bookwire.de>; Siegman, Tzviya <tsiegman@wiley.com>; Liisa' <lmccloy-kelley@penguinrandomhouse.com>; Rick Johnson <rick.johnson@ingramcontent.com>
Subject: Re: [External Coordination] Time to promote epubcheck fundraising to our contacts!

Hi Bill,

In Japan @Keio Manga to Magazines Work Shop.

Together with Yoshii-san, we will reach out to all the Japanese organizations as well as TDPF in Taiwan.


1. I  the fundraising page, the following fund investment criteria listed. What such different sponsor titles (such as “Leadership,” “Sustaining,”, etc. ) could make difference to the sponsors? Just the title credited on the webpage or anything else?
"We have selected DAISY’s proposal from a competitive selection process to update epubcheck. We anticipate a total sum of up to US$150,000 for the code work and maintenance that will be needed for this overhaul. Sponsors can join the effort for a contribution of $1,000 or more, with tiered support as follows:
·       Leadership Sponsors: US$20,000 or more
·       Sustaining Sponsors: US$15,000-19,999
·       Supporting Sponsors: US$10,000-14,999
·       Friend: US$5,000-9,999
·       Helper: US$1,000-$4,999
·       Or, whatever amount is good for you!”

TS: These are just titles. The steering committee reviewed and approved the text several times.

2. Any time-line requirement?
TS: We are releasing money to the developer team over several years, but the first 2 payments are due before the end of 2019. It would be ideal if we could raise at least 1/3 of the money before the end of 2018, and the remainder throughout 2019. About 1/3 of the money will be paid to the development team in early 2020, so it is acceptable but not ideal to collect some funds in 2020,

3. Transaction method details? (Wire-tansfer, check, etc.)
TS: This is detailed on the contributions form (https://inclusivepublishing.org/epubcheckdonate/). There are several options, including wire transfer, credit card, and invoicing.

With such details, we will approach to the organizations.



2018/09/18 2:35、Bill Kasdorf <kasdorf.bill@gmail.com<mailto:kasdorf.bill@gmail.com>>のメール:

Hi, folks--

The website for soliciting support for epubcheck is now live. Here's the link:

With the launch of the fundraising campaign, it's time for us to promote it to our contacts in the External Coordination Task Force as documented in our spreadsheet. PLUS, if you know of an organization that is not yet in our spreadsheet, but which you think might be a source of support, please add it to the spreadsheet and send the appeal to them as well.

This is such an important initiative that we will actually be taking two approaches. I will be drafting an email to be sent out from the Chairs of the Publishing Business Group to everybody on our list. That will be an "official" appeal to them to help publicize this with to their membership.

Where the External Coordination Task Force comes it is to do _personal_ appeals. The spreadsheet documents which of us have personal contacts and relationships with the listed organizations. So if you are one of the people who is designated as the contact person for one or more of the organizations, please send them a personal email, in your own words (and ideally reflecting your knowledge of the given organization) to stress how important an updated epubcheck is to their members, and to suggest how they might socialize the fundraising appeal among their members and encourage their members to contribute.

Just send the above link in your email. As you'll see, that not only makes the formal case for support but provides a link to a contribution form to facilitate the process of making the contribution.

Please copy me on those emails so I can accumulate a record of them. Thanks!


Bill Kasdorf
Principal, Kasdorf & Associates, LLC
Founding Partner, Publishing Technology Partners<https://pubtechpartners.com/>
+1 734-904-6252
ISNI: http://isni.org/isni/0000000116490786
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