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Doodle poll for call next week:

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I'm on vacation next week -- but, depending upon Doodled time, might join.  I'll be there in spirit and sending good karma, regardless!  :-)


On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 7:04 AM Reid, Wendy <<>> wrote:
I have the same scheduling problem for Monday as well. Doodle would be appreciated!


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Hi Liisa,

I can make it only for the first half of that time slot. I think a doodle poll would be helpful.

Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Lead

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We need to move forward with giving the PBG an explainer of what we are proposing and answering the concerns they have raised.

From the call Tuesday night, it was clear that ISO is desirable, even needed, for accessibility purposes and laws in Japan, for legal reasons in Taiwan and for government needs in Korea.

Makoto voiced that his major concerns are:

  *   He does not want the Japanese market to lose any of the features they have in their EBPJ profile
  *   He is worried that the testing would require time from the Japanese publishers that he thinks they will be unwilling to commit

The Japanese publishers are worried about what happened with EPUB 3.1 and we reassured that 3.2 is not that and that there is no intention to lose anything. We need to keep this in mind for the future when we get to thinking about what EPUB 4 might look like.

Makoto would very much like to join us or monitor the work of this TF so that he can continue to raise his concerns as we work through the explainer. Ivan- can you add him to the mail list?

I agree with Tzviya that we need to make progress over the next two weeks however we can. Is there any chance that a significant number of us could commit to a call on Monday, 11/19 from 10:30-11:30am EST/3:30-4:30PM UTC to talk through whatever we can collect digitally over the next few days? Should I send a doodle poll for other times in the next two weeks?

I highly recommend we continue to cull through the recent discussions and fill in the sheet at:<>


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But... isn’t it a bit of a chicken-and-egg issue here? At least some part of that explainer might help people in making a decision...

Ivan Herman

(Written on my iPad. Excuses for brevity and misspellings...)

On 15 Nov 2018, at 12:51, AUDRAIN LUC <<>> wrote:
End of November is what we said for the PBG to decide if EPUB3.2 should go REC Track.
The decision is not taken yet.
And as Ivan said, it would be a huge amount of work, so we should start only if the decision is positive.
I’m sure we won’t have consensus on this.

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I am a little concerned that we need to get the explainer started and kick off our attempts at rechartering. With US Thanksgiving next week, we are looking at the end of November already. Perhaps we should get started over email and Google Docs?


Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Lead

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