Call for participation for PWG Accessibility Task Force

Dear all,

The November draft of WP is quite close, so lets start the work on accessibility. 
We have the following over arching objectives visible at this time. The task force can add more if required.
- Work on the accessibility requirements specific to publishing that are not covered by WCAG.
- Help the publishing working group to meet accessibility requirements.
- Coordination with numerous W3C groups and task forces concerned with accessibility, including APA, ARIA, WCAG, Personalization TF, ACT TF and many more. 
- Work with the working group on features like audio sync text etc.

A great thing in publishing working group is that many members are committed to accessibility!
So, please reply to me for joining the accessibility task force. You can use “reply” instead of “reply all” to send the email only to me.

Thank you very much
Avneesh Singh
COO, DAISY Consortium

Received on Monday, 10 July 2017 05:26:51 UTC