PROV-O: what syntax is used for the examples?


(Currently, I'm posing this as a question I need to understand order to reason 
coherently about aspects of provenance expressed in RDF, but I may also raise it 
as a formal issue.)

I can't see a specification or citation for the syntax used for examples in PROV-O.

This may seem like a trivial point, but I think it's a serious omission.  In 
particular, I'm trying to interpret how the mentionOf and bundle structure plays 
out when represented in RDF and, while I can make guesses, that's not a sound 
basis for interpretation.

Most of the examples appear to conform with Turtle 
(, but there are some (e.g. that do not.

Because such examples given go beyond the current structure expressible as an 
RDF graph, I think some explanation should be provided about how these should be 
interpreted as RDF.  (E.g. "<id> { <turtle expression> }" could be presented as 
an RDF document on the web at URI "<id>".  If this reflects what is intended, 
then I think some further comment is needed about when it is valid to merge 
these graphs, or what kinds of cross-bundle inferences are possible, because the 
PROV-O ontology alone can't express any of that.)

(Most of this "processing model" concern goes away if we drop mentionOf.  But in 
order to understand how mentionOf plays out in the RDF representation of 
provenance, as described by the OWL ontology, I need to understand these details.)


Received on Thursday, 9 August 2012 11:44:26 UTC