Re: PROV-ISSUE-1 (define-resource): Definition for concept 'Resource' [Provenance Terminology]

Hi Luc,

Trimming the message this time!

Luc Moreau wrote:
 >(I wrote):
>> I don't think there's a need or purpose to invoke that terminology here.
>> Just consider, for the sake of discussion, a slight revision of the 
>> example:
>> government (gov) converts data (d1) to XML (f1) at time (t1)
>> government (gov) generates provenance information (prov) regarding XML 
>> (f1)
>> government (gov) publishes XML data (f1) along with its provenance 
>> (prov) on a portal with a license (li1); the XML data is now available 
>> as a Web resource (r1)
>>  :
>> I think the example makes just as much sense with RDF replaced by XML, 
>> but the RDF terminology does not apply to XML data.  And, by the way, 
>> I think this revised example also represents a use-case that we MUST 
>> be able to support (except that instead of talking about Turle and 
>> RDF/XML serializations, we might talk about text/XML vs EXI 
>> ( serializations.
> I agree that it could be xml.  But the problem is still the same.
> THe web architecture distinguishes
> - resource
> - resource state
> - resource state representation
> The rdf WG has introduced terminology for rdf corresponding to these 
> concepts.
> If we want to explain how provenance fits into the web architecture, we 
> need to be able
> to refer to these notions.

OK, I see two discussion points here:

(a) the relevance of the RDF g-box, g-snap, g-text terminology, and

(b) the need to express provenance about resources/resource state/resource state 

Regarding (a), I think the (resources/resource state/resource state 
representation) terminology is perfectly adequate for our current purposes, and 
that avoids getting drawn into RDF-specific issues of RDF graph evolution. 
Later, when we (maybe) discuss more specifically management of provenance 
expressed using RDF, I can imagine the g-box/... terminology might be helpful.

Regarding (b), I've offered a viewpoint, but I remain open to persuasion.  But I 
don't think focusing on the g-box/g-snap/g-text is going to help us here, 
because the Web Architecture concepts are so much broader (i.e. not just RDF). 
More important, IMO, is to identify a specific scenario that isn't adequately or 
so easily handled by the provenance-of-resource case.


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