assertion language

Hi all,

We have regularly mentioned the notions of provenance assertions and 
asserters in the context of provenance.
In order to regularize this, I would like us to reach consensus on a 
statement, which make this explicit.
This idea has already been discussed with members of the Model TF.

PROPOSED: PIL is an /assertion language /which allows asserters to make 
assertions about stuffs and
activities in the real world (as they view it) and how they influence 
each other.

So, to say that there is a thing, a process execution,  a derivation, or 
an "IVP of" relation, is indeed
making assertions using PIL constructs.

It is the goal of this WG to specify the constructs of this assertion 
language. We currently debate
concepts, which are very likely to become primitive constructs of the 
assertion language. But others
constructs may be considered, e.g. rules, or others, but this is beyond 
the remit of this message.

Can you express your support for the above proposal, or alternatives?

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Professor Luc Moreau
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