At Sandro's suggestion, I'd like to introduce myself as a new 
participant in the Provenance WG.  I'm Ryan Golden, a senior technical 
lead at Oracle Corporation, and also a graduate student in software 
engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.  I love living in 
Austin. :)

At Oracle, I work in the same group as Reza B'Far--also a new 
participant--on the family of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) 
products, which includes products for SOX compliance, internal and 
external audit, fraud detection, risk management, change control, and 
other related business areas.  Our products touch many areas of the 
enterprise, so semantic representation is a core requirement for us.  As 
data provenance is also of key concern to many of the aforementioned 
business processes, we are very interested to participate in and see the 
results of this working group.

I'm working on catching up with the current conceptualizations and 
threads of discussion, and I look forward to participating in various 
aspects of the working group in the weeks and months to come.  I will be 
attending F2F1 in Boston next week, and look forward to meeting some of 
you then.


Oracle - GRC
Phone: +1 512 671 5734

Received on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 21:29:07 UTC