Re: PROV-ISSUE-4 (define-agent): Definition for Concept 'Agent' [Provenance Terminology]

Daniel Garijo wrote:
> Hi Satya, Khalid, all
> After reading your definitions I was wondering if an "agent" or a 
> "controller" could
> also have provenance. For example, if the newspaper or a service is an 
> agent, then it would be
> helpful to know who created it, when, what tools were used for doing so, 
> etc.
> If they could have provenance, then they would also become some sort of 
> "resources"
> too, wouldn't they?
> What do you think?

I think this is an issue that will become clearer as we work through the
"simple" cases.  My intuition is "yes" (in the sense of Jun's suggestion of 
treating them as resources), but I suspect there may be some caveats
that need to be worked out.

In other words, I'll argue for deferring consideration of this until the more
obvious cases have been crystallized.


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