Re: PROV-ISSUE-19: is this observable or not observable?

On 08/06/2011 01:07, Paolo Missier wrote:
> yes, I guess so, in the sense of events -> state transitions.
> Not sure this captures everything though:  "Alice  forwarding an 
> online post." is an observable event, but does it map to a state 
> change? in a natural way? or does that view force you to think of the 
> world in terms of state machines :-)
Yes, you are right,  I was thinking in term of state machines, that's 
why I had the impression that events are not first class objects :-)

Thanks, khalid
> Cheers, -Paolo
> On 6/7/11 11:32 AM, Khalid Belhajjame wrote:
>> Hi Paolo
>>> it's a good start, in that it subsumes observing value of data, and
>>> therefore the state of a database, for example.
>>> But we also need to observe /events/, don't we. For example, data that
>>> moves along a communication channel that connects two processors.
>>> Someone forwarding an online post. Or  responding to the post.
>>    I was wondering if, instead, 'events' can be seen as a means for
>> observing (or monitoring) changes, in particular changes in state.
>> Would that be fair?
>> khalid

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