RE: PROV-ISSUE-1 (define-resource): Definition for concept 'Resource' [Provenance Terminology]

> The last sentence of your description confuses me: "small bits of the
> case will sneak into an account".  I would expect the entirety of the
> case" to be a valid part of all accounts.  That's what I understand by
> case" (which may or may not be equivalent to the "simple case" from
> the analysis starts).  Maybe you mean something else?

Just that questions about who's a (scientific) author of a paper sounds
like it map to files 1-to-1, but we'll find that an assistant made some
grammar changes and is not an author (because they didn't contribute to
the 'paper', just to the text) and we'll have to distinguish these.


Received on Monday, 6 June 2011 21:36:16 UTC