Re: Resources and state

Paolo Missier wrote:
> - standardising the process/mechanisms for extending a (core) provenance 
> model is just as important as standardising the core itself. Are we 
> going to address this?

My view is that we should identify extension points.  But my hope would be that 
standardization of an extension process isn't necessary because the extension 
points are implicit in existing standards.

For example, if we have a suitably flexible core model, expressed in RDF, then I 
would expect a key extension point to be refinement (subclasses and 
subproperties) of the core elements.  That needs no process.

I accept that not all desirable extension points may be as obliging, but for now 
I'm happy to leave the details unresolved.


Received on Thursday, 2 June 2011 21:15:57 UTC