Re: PROV-ISSUE-7 (define-derivation): Definition for Concept 'Derivation' [Provenance Terminology]

Hi Luc,
why can't c2s2 and c2s3 be two different resource states and also have a
I think that a resource state representation should have a way (URI) to
identify it,
in order to be able to assert provenance about it. It could be seen as a
subclass of
In the example, if c2s2 and c2s3 share the same URI, I wouldn't be able to
when were they created. Or I would have 2 different creation dates and no
way of knowing
which would belong to the resource state representations.

However, I have to recognize that creating a URI for each resource state may
be overwhelming
for any provenance publisher. If we pretend that people use our
model/guidelines, we should
adopt solutions like the one proposed by Graham (duri), imo.


2011/5/31 Luc Moreau <>

> Graham,
> In my example, I really mean for the two versions of the chart to be
> available at
> the same URI. (So, definitely, an uncool URI!)
> In that case, there is a *single* resource, but it is stateful. Hence,
> there
> are two *resource states*, one generated using (stats2), and the other
> using (stats3).
> Of course, if blogger had used cool uris, then, c2s2 and c2s3 would be
> different resources.
> Luc
> On 05/31/2011 02:25 PM, Graham Klyne wrote:
>> I see (at least) two resources associated with (c2):  one generated using
>> (stats2), and other using (stats3).  We might call these (c2s2) and (c2s3).
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