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PROV-ISSUE-193: Section (PROV-DM as on Nov 28) [prov-dm]

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Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 02:09:20 +0000
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PROV-ISSUE-193: Section (PROV-DM as on Nov 28)  [prov-dm]


Raised by: Satya Sahoo
On product: prov-dm

The following are my comments for Section of the PROV-DM (as on Nov 28): Start and End Records
1. A start record is a representation of an agent starting an activity. An end record is a representation of an agent ending an activity. 

Comment: The names of these records should explicitly include "Activity", since on their own a "start" and "end" record may mean start of an event also?

It is not clear why the WG should create "start" and "end" records for agent starting and ending an activity. What about "pausing", "re-starting", "increasing rate of an activity" (e.g. experiment rate was increased by addition of reagent by researcher) to name a few association types between activity and agent?


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