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PROV-ISSUE-191: Section (PROV-DM as on Nov 28) [prov-dm]

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PROV-ISSUE-191: Section (PROV-DM as on Nov 28) [prov-dm]


Raised by: Satya Sahoo
On product: prov-dm

The following are my comments for Section of the PROV-DM (as on Nov 28): Usage Record
1. "For any entity, the following temporal constraint holds: the generation of an entity always precedes any of its usages." 

Comment: This is not a temporal constraint, since it only enforces a partial order between events.

2. "Given an activity record identified by a, an entity record identified by e, a set of attribute-value pairs attrs, and optional time t, if assertion used(a,e,attrs) or used(a,e,attrs,t) holds, then the following temporal constraint holds: the usage of the entity represented by entity record identified by e precedes the end of activity represented by record identified by a and follows its start."

Comment: Similar to previous constraint, this is an event ordering constraint and not a temporal constraint. Especially for assertion used(a,e,attrs) where there is not time value explicitly associated with used.


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