The NASA QUDT (Quantities, Units, Dimensions and data Types) Ontologies have been using PROVO-O.  This thread serves as a record of issues that may arise in our use of PROV-O. 

An example of the use of prov:wasInfluencedBy is shown in the definition for unit:Abfarad below. QUDT also uses prov:wasDerivedFrom to trace how SI units developed from m.k.s. and c.g.s systems of units. The documentation of QUDT uses LaTeX encodings, as shown in the qudt:description statement below with the $ bracketed expressions.

      a       qudt:CapacitanceUnit , qudt:CGS-Unit ;
      rdfs:isDefinedBy <> ;
      rdfs:label "Abfarad"^^xsd:string ;
      qudt:abbreviation "abF"^^xsd:string ;
      qudt:code "0015"^^xsd:string ;
              1.0E9 ;
              "0.0"^^xsd:double ;
      qudt:description "An abfarad is an obsolete electromagnetic (CGS) unit of capacitance equal to $10^{9}$ farads (1,000,000,000 F or 1 GF). The absolute farad of the e.m.u. system, for a steady current identically $\frac{abC}{abV}$, and identically reciprocal abdaraf. $1 abF = 1 GF$."^^xsd:string ;
      qudt:designator "U-150-0015"^^xsd:string ;
      qudt:isUnitOfSystem qudt:SOU_CGS-EMU ;
      qudt:quantityKind quantity:Capacitance ;
      qudt:symbol "abF"^^xsd:string ;
      skos:exactMatch <> ;
      skos:prefLabel "abfarad"^^xsd:string ;
              <> .

We are currently in the process of producing the NASA QUDT Handbook. An update of the 1.2 to the QUDT website will happen before the end of the year. The current site points to the published version 1.1, whose catalog is at

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