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First pass of Sample Content Pages

From: Hakkinen, Mark T <mhakkinen@ets.org>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2021 21:40:02 +0000
To: Spoken Pronunciation Task Force <public-pronunciation@w3.org>
CC: "Ali, Irfan" <iali@ets.org>, Paul Grenier <pgrenier@gmail.com>
Message-ID: <3B70FD76-CF29-413B-ACE8-A02F4BFD915C@ets.org>
I have put together an initial pass at sample content pages for each of the two technical approaches.  You can find them at the following link: https://w3c.github.io/pronunciation/samples/

For each of the two approaches, there is a sample page, with one sample case for each SSML function, and also the Raven example developed by Paul.  Each sample case has an audio file, that presents the expected audio rendering by an SSML compliant TTS.  I used both Polly and Google voices to come up with workable examples.  The voice function sample does not have an audio, as I was unable to find a TTS that actually allowed gender based voice switching (at least in a way I was expecting to be standard).

Also, the Raven sample had a change that I felt was necessary at this stage, as the “x-soft” and “soft” volume levels were inaudible (at least for me) with the Google TTS.

Please feel free to suggest additional samples or corrections to them.

The audio samples should also be backfilled into the Technical approaches document, but I’m not touching that for now, as I think we will need to refine the samples, based on the experience gained by looking at this set of sample pages.



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