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Status of First-Party Sets

From: Theresa O'Connor <hober@apple.com>
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 11:11:18 -0700
To: public-privacycg@w3.org
Message-id: <m27d5zorzt.fsf@apple.com>
Hi all,

As chairs of the W3C Privacy Community Group, we have decided to drop
First-Party Sets as a Work Item in the group. Given the discussions the
group has had and the lack of multi-implementer interest, we see it as
unlikely to exit incubation. With regards to the concerns about the
privacy properties of First-Party Sets that were raised in issue 88,
given the discussion in that issue and during our recent meetings, the
chairs find that there is no consensus in the CG.

This does not mean that the various use cases that First-Party Sets
attempted to solve are not worth solving. We welcome alternative
proposals to address some or all of the use cases First-Party Sets aimed
to address.

We want to thank everybody who participated in discussions of
First-Party Sets over the last couple of years. Special thanks to
Kaustubha Govind, Harneet Sidhana, and Johann Hofmann for all their hard
work on it.

Erik, Tanvi, & Tess
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